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Saturday, 18 March 2017

#Challenges - The Dawn Dagger Challenge #2

This is my second challenge from the same 'round'.

Thank you for nomination, Caroline on the Globe!
You should definitely check out her blog cause it's fantastic!


1. Answer all questions.
2. Give ten questions for your nominees.
3. Tag 1 to 10 people.


1. What style would you choose? Comfortable or elegant?
I don't know, I like both styles. But I choose the elegant style.

2. Living in a big city or a countryside?
I like big cities and also countrysides. But I choose a countryside. There is silence and lots of fresh air.

3. If you could choose your dream holiday destination without worrying about money and expenses where would you go?
Aww, nice question and also difficult! I'd like to visit all the world, ha ha. But if I should choose only one place... I'd go to the Hawaiian Islands!! They're really beautiful, there are nice beaches. Now, when it's cold, I'd like to go to a warm place. Hawaii is a good choice, I think, ha ha!

4. Salad or burger?

5. Imagine you have a time machine. Where would you go?
I'd go to ancient Egypt! 

6. Which one describes you the best? Movie&sofa or book&cup of tea?
In fact, I don't know. In winter - movie&sofa, but in summer - book&cup of tea. Early spring is coming now, so I'm between these two descriptions, ha ha!

7. Mountains or seaside?
I think seaside.

8. If you could have a magic power what would it be?
I think it would be flying skill, invisibility or thought-reading.

9. You must accept a challenge from your friend but she gives you a choice. Either you will dance or sing in front of many people (without any preparations). What would you choose?
Ha ha, they're both scary! My voice isn't very nice, so I choose dancing.

10. Extremely hot summer or freezing winter? 
Extremely hot summer! I love hot weather and I love summer, but I don't like freezing winter.


1. What's your the most embarrassing situation?

2. What's your favourite song?

3. Africa or Asia?

4. What would you choose? Living in a haunted house for a week or staying in a room full of big spiders for two days?

5. Do you paint your nails? What's your favourite colour of nail polish?

6. History or Science?

7. What's your favourite country where you have been?

8. Banana or pineapple?

9. If you became a queen what activities (e.g. commission for putting something up) would you do?

10. Lollipops or cookies?


Have a nice evening! ;)


  1. Thank you for the nomination, I look forward to writing up this post in response and answering your questions!☺

  2. Yeah! Well done! Challenge accepted :) Question number 5...I would choose exactly the same answer :) Have a good day :*

    1. Thank you very much <3
      Have a good one too! :)