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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

#U.S. States - Hawaii

I think the USA is really interesting so why not write about it?

Today I'm focusing on Hawaii.


Hawaii is the most recent state. Honolulu is the state capital and the largest city. Hawaii is the only U.S. state which isn't located in the Americas. It has a warm tropical climate. It's a popular destination for tourists. It's really beautiful. There are lots of lovely beaches. This state is a place where a lot of palms grow. Hawaii is also a fantastic place for surfers - there are big waves. There is also the Haleaka National Park. "Haleaka" means "House of the Sun". The Bishop Museum on Oahu is the largest museum in Hawaii which is dedicated to the history of this state. In Hawaii there are some volcanoes and most of them are active. One of them is named Mauna Loa. This state also serves the local food, for example 'loco moco'. It's a hamburger steak and an egg over rice, covered in gravy.

Photo by BKD

Hawaii's nickname: the Aloha State - "Aloha" is a Hawaiian way to say hello and goodbye
State animal: monk seal
State bird: Hawaiian goose (nene)
State flower: yellow hibiscus

Photo by 1103489

What do you think about Hawaii?
In my opinion it's really beautiful and I'd love to visit it ♥


  1. I'd love to visit Hawaii too! It seems like such a beautiful place :) nice post!


    1. Yeah, Hawaii is really nice :) Thanks for reading!!