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Friday, 16 February 2018

Cosmetic Haul #1

Hello, hello! How are you? I hope all of you are doing well 😊 Today I'm sharing with you what I bought in chemist's a few days ago. That's my first haul on the blog! πŸ˜„

I haven't told you yet so I'll tell you now - I LOVE testing hair cosmetics that I haven't used before πŸ’— The first thing I do when I enter a chemist's is looking at shelves with hair cosmetics, ha ha! I like testing new shampoos but my favourite hair cosmetics are conditioners, balms and masks πŸ’™ I really care about my hair so maybe that's why I love knowing new hair cosmetics. My EVERY shopping in a chemist's ends with buying plenty of conditioners etc. πŸ˜‚ What have I bought recently? Read below πŸ˜‰

Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask - Aqua Cooltura with passion fruit and algae from CHANTAL
I saw these cosmetics the first time in my favourite chemist's and I liked the artwork on them. The firm Chantal is a Polish (very good) brand so the cosmetics are available only in Poland (I think so but I'm not sure). Why I bought this shampoo, conditioner and mask? I noticed them because they were on an offer and they had very good price. I took the conditioner from the shelf and I started reading its etiquette which said that it was destined for dry hair with split ends. I don't really have split ends and my hair isn't very dry, but *it's a tip!* if you use cosmetics for weak hair (no matter if your hair is thick etc.), your hair will be even stronger, thicker and healthier πŸ˜‰ These cosmetics give your hair moisturise. Your hair will be soft, shiny and easy to comb. Because the shampoo, conditioner and mask are with passion fruit, their smell is fantastic πŸ’“

Liquid silk from GREEN PHARMACY
Green Pharmacy is a great Polish brand. It produces not only hair cosmetics, but also hand/foot/face creams, bath salt, shower gels etc. It's fantastic that all of the products from Green Pharmacy are based on natural ingredients - plants and herbs 🌿 I've tested many of hair cosmetics from this brand and I was always satisfied. I haven't used liquid silk from Green Pharmacy and that's why I decided to buy it. I tested liquid silk from different brands and I really like this cosmetic. After using it your hair is easy to comb and it just looks very good. Liquid silk is perfect for brittle ends, dry, thin and sensitive hair. The composition of aloe vera extract, rice oil, cedar oil and camellia oil makes your hair healthier and moisturised.

Ultimate repair conditioner - Gliss Kur from SCHWARZKOPF
I like products from Gliss Kur, I've tested quite a few cosmetics, but I haven't used the conditioner in black bottle yet. The etiquette of it says that the conditioner is good for heavily damaged and very dry hair. As I wrote in the description of cosmetics from Chantal, my hair isn't damaged etc., but using condiotioners for weak hair makes your hair even healthier πŸ˜‰ This "black Gliss Kur" keep your hair easy to comb and it regenerates hair damages. I hope I'll be satisfied after using this product.

Mix Shea Leave-In Moisturizer from SARYNA KEY
I have never used cosmetics from this Israeli brand so that's the main reason why I bought this product. I heard its cosmetics are very good, they're high quality. I bought only a little sachet just to test. Its etiquette says it's fantastic for curls, ringlets and unruly hair. It allows hair to be easily styled. Mixed Shea - 60% cream 40% glaze - contains high concentrations of Shea butter, softeners and silk. This cosmetic moisturises your hair. I can't wait to give it a go! πŸ˜ƒ

Conditioner - Wow Brunette from PHIL SMITH
I haven't used products from Phil Smith as well, but I decided to give it a go. This conditioner make your hair shiny. It's ideal for dark hair because of the black tea extract. I hope it will be very good 😊

Have you used any products from Gliss Kur, Saryna Key or Phil Smith? *I'm not asking about Polish brands cause I'm sure you haven't πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚* What was your opinion?

That's all for today πŸ˜‰ I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Feel free to post a comment below, your nice words will be a motivation for me! 😍🌸
Let me know if you would like to read more hauls! ✨
Have a great FRI-YAYYY! πŸ’–
Ann x


  1. Such an interesting post, darling! Looking forward for more! <3

    1. I'm happy you liked it :D Thanks a lot for reading <3