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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Self Love Tag

I apologise for not posting anything for quite a long time, but I didn't have enough time. Fortunately, I'm back now!

I got a nomination from Lizzy to do the Self Love Tag! Thank you very much, Lizzy! Check out her amazing blog HERE and follow her πŸ’—

The questions:

1. One feature you love about yourself?
I really like my eyes and I love my hair. I didn't used to love my hair as much as now in the past, but now it has become thicker, its colour is nicer and I have a lot of curls. That makes I really love my hair and I take a lot of care of it, hehe πŸ’š

2. One feature you wished you could change that you have accepted?
I have a lot of complexes. I haven't accepted a lot of them yet, but I'm trying to... Fortunately, some of my complexes are finally gone. For example, some time ago I was sure I had a big nose, hahah. And I really didn't like it. Actually, I exaggerate everything and that's why my nose seemed to be so horrible to me. After looking at my photos I realised my nose is normal - it isn't big and it isn't small. I don't know how I could think it's huge, haha.

3. Have you ever thought of getting surgery to change your imperfections?
No, I have never thought of it. I think plastic surgery is a bit stupid (I apologise to people who has got different opinion and who had such surgery), because you never know how you'll look after it. A lot of people wanted to change their imperfections, but after a plastic surgery their appearance was even worse...

4. Has a family member/friend ever put you down about your physical appearance? If so, what for?
Yeah... My brother, lol. When I was younger I had some acne on my forehead. My brother used to put me down about that and was telling me all the time: "What a horrible spot!", "Why don't you pop all your zits now?" etc. etc. It was terrible! Fortunately, the condition of my skin is really better now and acne on my skin appears only from time to time. Also, my brother got acne a year ago and he understood how horrible was having spots on his forehead, haha.

5. Something you love about your fashion and sense of style?
I don't have to wear clothes from Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel, Calvin Klein or Gucci to feel good. I wear casual clothes from normal, quite cheap stores and I feel really good in them. I love that I feel beautiful in every type of clothes, no matter how they look, how much they cost or where they were bought.

6. Why is your body a great place to be?
Everybody is different and unique. My body is a great place to be because it's inimitable, there isn't the same person like me in the whole world! That's fantastic, right?

My nominations:

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That's all from me.
I hope you enjoyed reading this πŸ’š
Ann xx


  1. Omg this is such a lovely tag! It's great that you feel so positive about your appearance, so many people dislike what they look like and it makes me so sad... Everyone's beautiful in their own way! 😊
    I'd never get plastic surgery either (and not just because the idea of surgery terrifies me πŸ˜‚), there honestly isn't anything about me that I'd like to change?! I used to dislike my nose (it's very big and sort of crooked in the middle) but I've come to realise that it's a part of me, and it's unique! So I don't really care any more πŸ˜‚
    Anyway, great post! 😊

    1. Thanks!! :) Yeah... Of course! Everybody is unique and beautiful! You're very right :) That's good you don't care about your nose - as you said, it's a part of you which is unique and lovely in its own way! Thank you! :)

  2. I really enjoyed reading your lovely answers! :) thank you so much for tagging me! I'll write the post as soon as possible! <3

    1. Thank you, love!! I'm looking forward to seeing your answers ♥